First European Conference about Flutter and Dart

Workshops at FlutterConf

Workshops for beginners and advanced will be held on friday 18, the first day of FlutterConf. 
All workshops are free for assistants, only need your ticket to register.

Friday, October 18.

Your First Flutter App

Beautiful Movie UI with easy code 

Pues si, another movie app ; )
This part will be focused on how to approach the implementation of a detail UI. You will know the basic widgets and any tricks to give a professional look & feel to your Flutter apps.

Give me an API and I will move the world

You don’t have a cool app without an external web services. In this second part we added the API rest calls to download information from the movies and know how control the states of our app.


Sergi Martínez Google Developer Expert on Flutter & Dart.
FlutterConf Speaker.


15:00 h.  Registration
16:00 h.  
Part 1: Beautiful movie UI with easy code (90′)
17:30 h. Coffee Break
18:00 h. Part 2: Give me an API and I will move the world (90′)

Friday, October 18

Flutter Beyond Mobile

Deploying Flutter for web & desktop

Crank Flutter development to 11 with the ability to deploy your apps to both web & desktop platforms, with little to no modifications to your existing codebase. 

Implementing a responsive design

Learn how to design beautiful & responsive UIs, in order to improve the functionality of your apps, as well as adapt them to multiple resolutions, devices & platforms.


Jesús Rodríguez
Computer Science Student. 
Flutter Enthusiast


15:00 h. Registration
16:00 h. Part 1: Deploying Flutter for web & desktop (90′)
17:30 h. Coffee Break
18:00 h. Part 2: Implementing a responsive design (90′)