First European Conference about Flutter and Dart

Day 1
Friday 18 October


09:00 h.
09:30 h.
Opening & Hackathon Starts
11:00 h.
☕ Coffe Break 
11:30 h.
Mentoring & talks at Hackathon
14:00 h.
🥘 Lunch Break 🥘
15:00 h.
Registration open for Workshops
16:00 h.
Workshops for Beginners & Advanced: Part 1

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FlutterConf Workshops
17:30 h.
☕ Coffe Break ☕
18:00 h.
Workshops for Beginners & Advanced: Part 2
19:30 h.
🍻 First day ends / Community Meeting 🍻

Day 2
Saturday 19 October


08:15 h.
09:00 h.
Opening Keynote
9:15 h.

Talk: Making the most out of your Flutter development
Muhammed Salih Guler

Android Engineer at
Google Developer Expert on Flutter & Dart

Using awesome development tools and environment one of the cool things about being a developer. Knowing that, Flutter team created some amazing developer tools for us to monitor our applications, enhance the performance and give us an opportunity to give a better application experience to our users.
In this talk we will see how you can use these tools on a real life project and how you can use it to enhance your performance.

10:45 h.
Talk: Architect Patterns on Flutter
Sergi Martínez

Android Developer at Adevinta Spain
Google Developer Expert on Flutter & Dart

Sergi has more than fifteen years of experience in the software industry, strongly focused in localization projects and tool development. Constantly developing solutions, from small task-helping applications to company-wide management tools.
Highly specialized in Android platform in the last years. Strong analytical skills that result in an excellent problem solver. Great communication skills after years of teaching final users with a real passion for help others learning

10:45 h.
11:30 h.
Talk: How incorporate Flutter to an app with several millions of users
Pilar Martínez y David Molina

iOS Tech Lead at BBVA Next Technologies
Head of Mobile at BBVA Next Technologies 

Pilar & David tell us about your experience integrating Flutter on BBVA’s mobile app, named de best banking app according to Forrester. We can see why choose and how sell internally, problems we have found and how we fixed it.

12:15 h.
Talk: Accessibility on Flutter
José Manuel Robles

Chief Innovation at Civica Software

State of art study about accessibility on Flutter, analysing differences from native technologies or webview based. Will also address problems and solutions developed while the migration to Flutter on Outbarriers app.

13:00 h.
Talk: The Journey of Hue with Flutter
Miguel Catarino Medeiros

Scrum Master & App Developer at Philips Hue

Philips Hue started using Flutter for mobile app development in 2018 and has recently released its first app in the market. In this talk I would like to share with the community more about our journey (why flutter works for us, challenges that we faced while adopting flutter, what did we gain by using flutter and our own impressions of the framework) as a leading IoT ecosystem.

13:45 h.
15:30 h. 
Talk: Geolocation and Maps on Flutter
Loly Benítez

Senior Software Developer at Automotive W

In this talk will discover the different options to integrate maps on Flutter, how to adapt our projects and work with geolocation

16:15 h.
Talk: Adding a test layer to Flutter projects
Jairzinno Henriquez

Flutter Lead at Cloud Technology Solutions

Flutter allows you to build mobile apps fast. With the tools provided to you, it’s also possible to build robust mobile apps. Just by following the traditional test pyramid you’re already set to deliver great apps. But Flutter makes it possible to test separate widgets. This adds a different dimension to testing your apps.
During this session we’ll cover a simple app and test it covering the traditional test pyramid and show how testing your widgets makes your apps even more robust.

17:00 h.
17:30 h.
Talk: What happen if Google Flutter team disappear?
Filipe Barroso

Senior Android Developer at Acceppto Corp

What if Google disappeared all of a sudden and it was the Community responsibility to take over the project?
With this talk I hope to present how to build new widget so that in case you need, you can create your owns, we will go in deep levels on how to build from the ground up the widget you need so that you don’t need to wait for others to make them for you.

18:15 h.
Round Table: Present & Future of Flutter

Guided by: 

Speakers will talk about how see the medium-term future of Flutter & Dart, involving the assistans and guided by… 

FlutterConf 2019 ends?… AFTER PARTY!  💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽